Tax Meeting Preparation

  1. Please inform our receptionist of any change in telephone number.
  2. New clients should bring their previous two years of income tax returns.
  3. Bring all year-end income statements such as W-2's, 1099's, 1099R's, social security, interest, dividend, stock sales, 1099G etc.
  4. If you sold stock, we will need to know the number of shares, sales date, sales price, cost of shares, and purchase date.
  5. If you bought or sold real estate, bring your closing statement(s).
  6. Some kinds of expenses require you to provide us with supporting documents such as mortgage interest, real estate taxes, and auto donation.
  7. Summarize your deductions by category.  For example, for business expenses you may have expenses such as auto, telephone, publications,  office supplies etc..  For rental expenses you may have expenses such as utilities, repairs, advertising etc..
  8. Bring tuition statements provided by the college.
  9. If you are claiming child care expenses, please obtain the federal identification number from the child care facility.
  10. If you are uncertain about bringing a particular document, bring it.
  11. Be sure to tell us about any change in filing status, dependents, address, job title etc.
  12. If you forget something, no problem.  You will provide that information to us after the interview.